So, what do you do?

Here’s today’s writing prompt: What’s your elevator pitch?

Don’t get intimidated by this one. By elevator pitch I just mean… what are you excited about (personal or business)? What are you building or want to build? You know, the fun stuff in your life that you actually care about.

Every interaction we have is a chance to run a mini experiment and test out our ideas with others. It also makes conversations a ton more entertaining when the dreaded “So, what do you do?” question comes up.

Get in the habit of sharing what you’re excited about and the difference you want to make. Some interesting things will start to happen.

For a little more guidance on this, check out an article I recently wrote on 4 Steps to Crafting, Testing & Perfecting Your ‘Everyday’ Elevator Pitch.

Then, write your pitch and shoot for that minimum 100 word limit (or maybe up it to 200 or 300) and try to write first thing in the morning, before distractions hit.


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